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Cystic Fibrosis

He was born with Cystic Fibrosis which is a genetic disease that effects the lung and digestive system. His cells did not work properly so he had to do breathing treatments day and night while take 40 different medications to stay alive. While doing research on this water, every organ that was mention that he needed medication for, relied on proper hydration. That's where he went down the rabbit hole of research.

" I thought it was a scam until I started doing the research."

Hashimoto & Leaky Gut

Tam Salinas is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach who was a skeptic about this water until she started learning more and seeing major results.

“I was one of those people that thought this was the dumbest thing I've ever heard.”

Rare Kidney Disease

Liz had a Kidney disease called Bartter Syndrome who was on a kidney transplant list at 25 until she started drinking this water.

“My body couldn't naturally maintain nutrients and so I had to be on 20 different medications. After drinking this water consistently I am off the kidney transplant list along with every single medication."

Nerve Damage and Chronic Back Pain

Mike was introduced by his good friend Ryan Bell. Back in his 20s he was an endurance athlete, fast forward to 2017 he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy that caused chronic inflammation and pain.

Autoimmune Disorder

Meet Dani Carrol and her mother who both have the same Autoimmune Disorder. 

"I've been to every doctor under the face of the earth, spend thousands of dollars on specialists, my mom as well so I was skeptical to say the least"


He has severe, early onset Arthritis and was introduced to this water by his chiropractor. 

"I went through a 4 day server detox and after a 3 week period of constantly drinking this water and so we decided it was necessary to buy this machine. I'm pain free, able to function daily and off my pain medication. This water has changed my life" 

Cancer Survivor, Brain Fog

Christina Mendez, a two time Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor with severe Immuno/Chemotherapy side effects


"This waters changed my life. I had to go through two different Chemo and Immuno-therapy treatments and had every aftermath side effect you could think of before drinking this water."

Son With Eczema & Sever Side Effects of Prescribed Steroid Cream

Meet Christine, a nurse in the medical field who's son was prescribed steroid cream for his eczema and had a severe reaction to the chemicals in the cream.

"After 9 months of suffering and little progress, I saw better results in 9 days with this water."

Cystic Acne

Meet Dylan who suffered from Cystic Acne his whole life. After countless visits to dermatologist nothing worked. He started drinking the 9.5 pH water, washing his face with 6.0pH Beauty Water, and spraying 2.5pH Anti-Bacterial. It was completely cleared up in 1 month.

Medication Withdrawals + Migraines

Diana has been on meds for years and after progressing with her healing she decided to get off most of them. With that she was dealing with a lot of withdrawal symptoms

"I had awful migraines to the point where it was debilitating, I thought I was going to die." The people that give you this water, really care about you. My migraines went away and I'm off all my meds."

Digestion Issues

"I've always struggled with digestion issues to the point where I'd have severe stomach aches every day. ​Once I started drinking the water I wasn't using my heating bad and I stopped having stomach aches."

Wound Healing and Scarring

Meet Brianna who was bit on the nose by her dog who got spooked. 

"This water is magic, it healed my wound in 4 days. I thought I was going to have to get stitches because it was so deep. It's crazy"

Parents Diagnosed with Cancer

Meet Frankie. Both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer around the same time. They underwent both Western and Holistic practices and were introduced to this water through their holistic Doctor.

"We do not have a healthcare system. We have a sick care system. My passion now lies with preventative care versus reactive.

Bad Sleep, Low Energy, Wife's Digestion Issues 

Meet Michael who is a personal Trainer and was introduced to this water through a Tony Robinson webinar and then his gym.

"I'd always find myself slipping back to bad eating habits. Poor drink choices like Redbulls and other energy drinks. My wife also had digestive issues and nothing was working for her. 3 weeks after drinking this water she got off her medications and hasn't had any gut health issues.

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